Company Profile

FCA is the result of a large strategic planning of the Eudmarco S/A Customs Terminal (founded in 1963), located in the largest port in Latin America, the Port of Santos/SP (Brazil). We are the NVOCC with the best operational agility of the market, more competitive and closer to our customers, promoting a totally customized service according to the need of each of them, always focusing on processes optimization and costs of the entire logistic chain, offering special customer service. With this unified innovative model "Customs Terminal & NVOCC", we have more control in the processes, more flexibility and safety in the operation, which guarantees the success and satisfaction of our customers. FCA Log and EUDMARCO S/A are part of the "ABA INFRA" Group that has been operating for decades in the infrastructure, port logistics and other segments. The experience acquired by the Group over the years, acting strongly in these sectors, provides excellent development of its companies.

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